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Marcelle's Crinums

Crinums in East Texas - Notes from Marcelle Sheppard
Sales and Notes from Marcelle Sheppard

Marcelle Sheppard

Marcelle Sheppard (photo by Mike Burnett)
Marcelle Sheppard with Crinum in her garden.
Photo © Mike Burnett

Note: Plant sales resume on April 1, 2012
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Marcelle has donated Crinum bulbs to Mercer Arboretum for many years for various sales.
Additionally, she and the Arboretum have traded bulbs and seeds.
This past summer, Mercer Arboretum featured a talk about Marcelle Sheppard’s and her Crinums.
The talk was presented on Tuesday, July 18, 2006 to a packed audience.

Marcelle Sheppard is a talented plant grower and plant breeder.   This Web site describes her 50+ years of work with Crinum and documents her contributions.  Additionally, plants she's found or received over the years are described with notes (where possible) about where they came from, who created them, etc.  Marcelle is a source of knowledge and information for us as we continue to learn about Crinum, especially garden plants and hybrids derived from African and American species. 

It is Marcelle's hope that, if you are interested in Crinum breeding, you will benefit from reading about her experiences and findings.  For instance, which plants set seed easily, or which parents with striped tepals give rise to solid-colored seedlings, etc. 

Note: This site now includes plants for sale in addition to the work Marcelle Sheppard has done with Crinum hybridizing and culture. Many of the hybrids described here are not for sale because they are the evolving product of an ongoing breeding program. You may write to Marcelle at the address below for material currently available for sale.

Write to Marcelle Sheppard:

Cannas Too! Marcelle has created many Canna varieties over the years. Her cultivar list provides their names as well as their genetic heritage. Please contact Marcelle if you grow one of her cannas as several were lost and she would like to grow them again in her garden.

Crinum Hybrid 'Marcelle Sheppard' by Roy Works

Crinum 'Marcelle Sheppard'
A Crinum hybrid made by Roy Works of Tampa, Florida and named for Marcelle


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