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C. x worsleyii, 'Burgundy'

Crinum 'burgundy'
Crinum 'Burgundy'

Crinum 'burgundy'
Crinum 'Burgundy'

According to Mr. Hannibal, C. x worsleyii 'Burgundy' is a hybrid of C. scabrum and C. moorei.  In Marcelle's garden the plant has proven to be indestructible, but Mr. Hannibal reports it is 'not overly hardy.'  Thus, perhaps this cultivar will not survive in zone 7 or colder areas. 

Mr. Les Hannibal described hybrids of C. scabrum and C. moorei as C. x worsleyii. He identified 'Burgundy' as just such a hybrid. 'Burgundy' is unusual among Crinum hybrids in that it is seemingly fully self-fertile and also receptive to pollen from other Crinum species. Additionally, in Marcelle Sheppard's garden, 'Burgundy' has been a good pollen donor; various species have accepted the pollen and produced viable (and even fertile) offspring.

The plant blooms heavily for Marcelle, with sporadic rebloom; it blooms better than, and is darker than, 'Ellen Bosanquet'.    'Burgundy' flowers may sometimes have a bit of white streaking in the petals.  The scape is about 30 inches in height. 

Marcelle's work with 'Burgundy' has consisted of crossing the plant with C. macowanii pollen, or crossing such progeny back with 'Burgundy'.   In Marcelle's garden 'Burgundy' does not accept it's own pollen, but does accept seed of its seedlings that are the result of 'Burgundy' x C. macowanii. 

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