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Crinum asiaticum - Variegated

Margie Brown with Crinum asiaticum 'Variegated' in her greenhouse
Margie Brown with Crinum asiaticum 'Variegated' in her greenhouse

Variegated forms of C. asiaticum are attractive, but especially so in winter when their leaves can brighten up a greenhouse.  The species can happily bloom year round if protected from cold.   If grown in a pot, C. asiaticum does best in a large container,  perhaps 20 inches in diameter and 20 inches tall (large plants can fill out an even larger vessel).

Many Crinum prosper in not-too-warm greenhouses in the USA.  C. asiaticum is a special plant because it will survive cold winters in Dallas, TX, but it will also happily perform year round in a typical greenhouse with temperatures as low as 40 F at night  (about 5 C) as long as daytime temperatures typically rise to 55 F to 80 F (12 C to 25 C).  If daytime temperatures remain too cool, grow stops and the plants wait for warmer times, but the leaves remain healthy and happy. 

C. asiaticum can bloom year round if it has good light, adequate water, and is not too cold.  Like most potted Crinum, C. asiaticum does best in a pot of suitable size; such a container might be cylindrical, 21 inches in diameter and 21 inches high, approximately 4 cubic feet in volume (ca. 30 US liquid gallons or 120 liters). 

Outdoors, in USDA climate zone 9b (Gulf Coast of East Texas) C. asiaticum freezes to the ground at about 25 F (-3 C) and can even start growing again during warm periods.  In spring when nighttime temperatures stay above 60 F (15 C), the plants start to grow rapidly if they have water, and they will bloom in early summer.  They keep blooming until frosts in November-December. 

Crinum asiaticum 'Variegated'
Crinum asiaticum 'Variegated' in Marcelle's Garden

Crinum asiaticum 'Variegated'
Another Crinum asiaticum 'Variegated' in Marcelle Sheppard's garden.


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